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The following expressions shall have the following meanings unless the context otherwise requires:

  • “Carrier Interconnects” Infrastructure providing the origination or termination of PSTN calls via a range of carrier network partners.
  • “CPE” Customer Premises Equipment including IP telephony handsets, headsets and conferencing terminals
  • “eVITE telesystems Platform” The application servers that provide the fully integrated multimedia features as well as the switching capability to route calls in and out over both IP networks
  • “Hosted VoIP” The provision of the Supplier hosted Voice over IP solution allowing customers to remotely connect to an off-site telephony system to make and receive voice calls
  • The terms “us” or “we”, “Supplier”, “eVITE”, “eVITE telesystems” refers to GTI Computers (Portsmouth) Ltd who supplies VoIP service under trading name eVITE telesystems.

1.1.  This Agreement includes the supply and usage of the Supplier Hosted VoIP services utilising the Core Network, the Hosted Platform and our Carrier Interconnects to provide the facility to make/receive voice calls over a data connection along with multimedia features.

1.2.  The Customer premises served, the configuration for the services and any associated equipment provided are detailed in the Customer Agreement or on our website www.evite.cloud

1.3.  The Supplier will be responsible for all software updates to the eVITE telesystems platform and will inform the Customer of any major changes.

1.4.  Where the Supplier provides IP telephony CPE the equipment will be tested and verified as compatible with the Supplier Hosted VoIP service.

1.5.  Call Recordings will be held by the system for no longer than 7 days before they are deleted (see Section 2.7)


2.1.  To enable use of the Hosted VoIP services the Customer requires a suitable data connection in order to ensure service compatibility and premium voice quality. A Supplier data connection is recommended.  The Supplier cannot agree to any Service Levels for the Hosted VoIP services where data connectivity is being provided by a third party.

2.2.  To enable use of the Hosted VoIP service the Customer will be required to purchase/rent compatible hardware to the minimum recommended specification, or utilise the provided software. The Supplier cannot provide Service Levels for the service when hardware/software not provided by the Supplier is being used.

2.3.  Hosted VoIP is not intended to be a like for like replacement for fixed telephony services and may not support all the features of PSTN or PBX services.

2.4.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure passwords to eVITE telesystems accounts are secure and regularly changed.  The Supplier does not keep customer passwords on record, but may change the password at any time for good reasons.

2.5.  If a geographic number is not available, the Supplier may issue the Customer with a non-geographic number.

2.6.  The service can be used to make emergency 999/112 calls. In order to connect the Customer’s 999/112 call to the emergency services the Supplier is required to pass on the Customer’s location information (address and caller line identification number) to the National Emergency Location information database. This is so the Supplier can provide the Customer’s whereabouts in instances where the Customer is unable to do so.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide the Supplier with the correct address details.  By default the Supplier will add the Customer’s main billing address to the Supplier’s emergency services register which will mean that on making a 999/112 call the emergency services will have a default location. This will also ensure that the call is flagged as being a VoIP call so that the emergency services operator will ask the caller to confirm their current location.

2.7.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that all required Call Recordings are downloaded from the system prior to the 7 day deletion. The Supplier is not responsible for the quality, storage or recovery of any Call Recordings held by the system. Archive available on a POA (Price On Application) base.


3.1.  Any installation charges and on-going rental charges will be as set out in the Customer Agreement.   These charges apply as soon as the VoIP solution is installed and is functioning.

3.2.  If the Customer cancels the service prior to installation, but after the Supplier has committed to an agreed installation date the Supplier reserves the right to pass on any costs reasonably incurred, including those incurred by it and its supply partners.


4.1.  The Initial Term is Twelve (12) month moving onto a rolling Ninety (90) day contract unless otherwise detailed in the Agreement.

4.2.  If the Agreement is terminated by the Customer during the Initial Term, then the Supplier shall exercise its right to levy a Cancellation Fee, on a pro-rata basis, for outstanding rental charges on each of the individual Hosted VoIP services still within the Initial Term.

4.3.  The Supplier is not able to guarantee the transfer of telephone numbers to other service providers should the Customer wish to cancel its Hosted VoIP service. This is dependent on holding a porting agreement with the new provider in question.

4.4  The Supplier reserves the right to pass on any costs reasonably incurred, including those incurred by it and its supply partners.


5.1.  The Supplier will use reasonable endeavours to provide a new VoIP service within two (2) working days. However depending on the chosen numbering options, activation and porting of a number from another service provider will increase this lead time.

5.2.  To activate a new geographic or non-geographic number, the target standard lead time is three (3) working days. Porting either a geographic or non-geographic number in from another provider will take up to fifty five (55) working days from when the request forms have been received.


6.1.  The Supplier aims to provide a continuous and high quality service, however there may be occasions out of the Supplier’s control which could result in loss of service or reduced voice quality, for example, the weather, power disruptions, or failures of the Customer’s internet service provider (ISP) or broadband connection. The Customer should also understand that in such circumstances all services (including 999/112 public emergency call services) will also be unavailable.

6.2.  Where components of the service are outside of the Supplier’s direct control, the Supplier cannot make any guarantees on the availability or performance of this service.

6.3.  The components of the Hosted VoIP service where the Supplier does have direct control include the core network, hosted platform and carrier interconnects. The Supplier will use reasonable endeavours to meet a monthly availability target for the Hosted VoIP service is 99.9%.


7.1.  The Supplier always aims to repair a service affecting fault within one (1) working day wherever it is reasonably possible to do so. The redundancy built into the underlying components of hosted VoIP means that, in many cases, faults can be resolved in a much shorter space of time.

7.2.  Fault resolution is measured from the time when the Supplier first detects the fault or is notified of it by the Customer, to the time when the Supplier informs the Customer of the resolution via email or phone call.

7.3.  Whilst the Supplier aims to use all reasonable endeavours to avoid any downtime on hosted VoIP, some faults may relate to network services provided to the Supplier by a third party and hence are outside of the Supplier’s direct control.

7.4.  Some engineering visits either by the Supplier or their agents may be chargeable.   Any charges will be detailed before the engineer is booked.


8.1.  Where connectivity and equipment is provided by an alternative provider, the Supplier is not responsible for loss of service or disruption for voice quality.

8.2.  Where the Customer has not maintained a secure password, the Supplier is not responsible for loss of any kind.