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All you need to use the telephone system:

computer or laptop with headphones;
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and Internet connection.
Optionally you can rent or buy a desk phone from us.

You need to have a reliable broadband Internet connection.
If you are lucky enough and have sorted the problem out, that’s fine. Otherwise, we highly recommend our sister company Wi-Fibre business grade broadband.
business grade broadband in Portsmouth
The current Wi-Fibre offer* is just fantastic!
Unlimited Internet:
-Starter Package £25/month 5 Mbps
-Small Business £50/month 10 Mbps

*This is a special offer for tenants of Challenge and Portsmouth Enterprise Centres

small businesses can now have a multi-tasking phone system;
it need not be the privilege of big corp sharks anymore

What the phone system can do?

Call Management

virtual receptionist
Also known as IVR (Interactive Voice Response). It is an automated answer system that provides menus to callers, allowing efficient routing of calls. It ensures calls reach the appropriate person without using valuable resources and time.
missed call email notification
You will receive an email with all the necessary information should you miss a call.
calls transfer
Sometimes you need support from your colleagues or just send a call to the right person. The feature allows transferring calls to other colleagues, ring groups and external phones.
call queues
Calls are delivered to available staff on a first-in, first-out basis. Callers are notified of their position in the queue. Music, information or notices can be played to them while they wait.
call forward/call routing
The feature ensures inbound calls always get to the destination you want them to go to. Calls could be sent to other phone number or extension, groups, voicemail, interactive menus and more.

Special Features

advanced voicemail
It is needless to call a special number to check voicemails anymore. Get notified by email, receive attached message recording and store it in the system if necessary.
simultaneous incoming calls
This feature is especially handy nowadays in a fast-paced world where we do so many things on the go.
When you get a call, it rings on your desktop/softphone and mobile phone simultaneously. Even less possibility of missing an important call.
music on hold
Music-on-hold does not just entertain a caller or let him/her know that his/her call is “important to us” while waiting. You can also use it as an additional informational channel for promo or news.
Users can see who is available and who is busy on your phone system. This feature is configurable on the phone system and end-user levels.
instant messaging
Give immediate access for a quick chat with anyone within a company phone system. For small clarifications, this is a convenient and simple alternative to email, yet similarly secure.

Additional Options

call recording
The call recording feature is not just helpful for many purposes but a must-have for some industries by law.
Includes up to 35 hours of recording (or 1GB) space. It is always possible to download and delete your recordings from the server to free some storage.
conference calls
The conference call feature is widely in use for business as it saves time and money. You can collect a big (or small) audience instantly (or well in advance) no matter where participants are located. It is easy to set-up in a few clicks and cold be used internally and outside a company. With conference calls you can improve your efficiency whether it is a regular project meeting, sales presentation or a client update with conference calls you are way more efficient.
call back in queues
The callback in queue feature frees up your callers’ time by allowing them to press a digit to reserve a place in the queue without having to wait on the line.
call parking/pickup
Call parking allows to “park” a call, placing it on hold to be answered on another phone in the office. The caller stays on hold while you switch phones.
call reporting
A call report contains all calls details breakdown of a day, week or month.

Tailored Solutions

eVITE telesystems can prepare a bespoke solution should your business required.

CRM integration
, monitoring, reporting, and call centre capabilities to name a few.

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